Screenplay Development

Writing is rewriting! We've heard it all before. But don't give up. Fresh Voices Screenplay Development is a unique coverage service that guides emerging screenwriters to discover and hone their own original voice. Our development services offer notes of various lengths and depth along with a fifteen point scorecard/ checklist to review the most vital elements of your screenplay from premise, theme, structure & tone, to dialogue, characters, marketability, and most imortantly, the writer's voice.

The notes you receive will break down the various elements of your material and take the time to explain what works, what doesn't, and most importantly why. Additionally, our consultants will offer their recommendations for improvement where necessary. Through our development services, writers gain the confidence to submit and market their material to producers, agents and managers knowing they are putting forth the best verson of their material.


Every writer has strengths and weaknesses. While we try to bring a positive approach, we don't sugar coat our analysis. You can expect an honest reaction and professional opinion with examples from your material to support our conclusions. We don't just tell you what works and what doesn't, we'll explain why and offer valuable suggestions on how to improve.


Receiving notes on your material is an integral process. No matter how ready you think your material is, experienced eyes will always find things you've overlooked, or thought you could get away with. Established writers get notes from their agent, manager and producer. Shouldn't you take as much care in making sure your work is as ready as theirs?


We guarantee you’ll receive tailored advice from a trained development consultant, in touch with the realities of today’s marketplace. We know story and structure, and we know what sells and who’s buying. This insider knowledge allows us to provide relevant, constructive advice and valuable insight to make your work more salable.

Screenplay Development Services

Basic Script Evaluation


  • 1-2 Page Evaluation
  • The summary breaks down the areas of your material that require further development in general terms and offers some basic suggestions for improvement.
  • Logline
  • 15 Point Scorecard
  • 10-14 Business Days
  • Rush Service (3-5 Days) $75

Screenplay Analysis


  • 5 Page Analysis
  • In depth comments cover the major points of screenplay construction and highlighting which aspects of your material work, don’t work and why.
  • Logline
  • 15 Point Scorecard
  • 10-14 Business Days
  • Rush Service (3-5 Days) $75

Pro Story Notes


  • 8-10 Pages of Story Notes
  • Detailed notes indicating strengths & weaknesses along with recommendations to strengthen content, broaden appeal and maximize market potential.
  • Logline
  • 15 Point Scorecard
  • 10-14 Business Days
  • Rush Service (3-5 Days) $75

Consultation Package


  • 5 Page Script Analysis
  • 1-2 Page Follow-up Evaluation on next draft
  • Both Analysis and Evaluation include Logline & Scorecard
  • The follow-up evaluation will see how well the revisions have been incorporated into the new draft.
  • 10-14 Business Days (Both)
  • Rush Service (3-5 Days Both) $75

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you represent me or my material?

Fresh Voices does not represent your material, however, material that receives a "strong recommend" will be considered for wider industry exposure.

Do you automatically attach yourselves to my material in anyway?
Do you take a percentage of my script sales?
What if I have a question after I have received analysis?
What if I don't agree with the notes I receive?
What's the difference between an evaluation, analysis and story notes?

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