Shawn Ashmore & Harry Shum Jr cast in indie film Already Gone


HOLLYWOOD, January 27th 2012

Shawn Ashmore, star of the X:Men movies, has been cast alongside Harry Shum Jr. , star of the hit Fox series Glee, to play partners in crime in Already Gone.  Shawn Ashmore plays Jude Mulvey, a low level criminal suffering from a debilitating and life threatening disease, but after making a huge score against the Mob, he’s got bigger problems than just his health.

The screenplay, written by Bill Balas, was discovered through the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.

The script was a finalist in the Action category of the competition, and subsequently optioned by producers Peter Katz and Don Le. Ross Ching, best known for his viral videos 3 Minutes and Eclectic, is attached to direct.  Joel Mendoza of Fresh Voices and Attraction Entertainment is Executive Producing.