Congratulations 2016-17 Fresh Voices Quarter Finalists

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2016 sc qt list

Every year the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition receives hundreds and hundreds of screenplays to read, the vast majority of which receive fairly standard notes and are solid works in progress, but each year we are excited by those first scripts that really start to show great promise. Scripts that come back with stellar evaluations and readers and judges raving about their weekend read. The 2016 Screenplay Competition was no different and the overall quality of material was highly impressive. 

Advancing screenwriters represent the top 25-30% from 1,200 entries. 292 scripts in 10 different categories now advance to the next round of the competition

From here the competition and the judging process intensifies as we seek out the top 10 scripts (approx.) from each category. To advance to the Semi-Finals, scripts must be in top shape; tight, clear, focused, memorable and able to stand out amongst a highly competitive field.  

Quarter Finalists will have a one week resubmission period to reenter a new draft of a script that has been selected for the second round. Semi Finalists will be announced March 1st.

See the complete list of QUARTER FINALISTS here.