Congratulations 2015-16 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition & Spotlight Award Winners

Written by Fresh Voices on .

And The Winners AreEveryone who reads screenplays, whether a production company or screenplay competition, agent or manager, have certain markers they look for in selecting a great script. Compelling characters, engaging dialogue, rising tension, a clear three act structure, set-up and pay-off just to name a few.

At Fresh Voices there is one thing above all in determining what makes a script stand out. For us the author’s voice is the single biggest factor in what will get a script noticed. 

It is with this knowledge that we are proud to announce the winners of the 2015-16 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition and congratulate them not just on a story well told, but on having a voice that effectively take us on a journey into an unexpected world of characters and places.

We also want to thank all our contestants who participated in this year’s competition and a great big thank you to our 2015-16 Official Sponsors who have put up some great prize packages for our winning contestants this year. 

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