2015-16 Screenplay Competition Announcement Schedule

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CalendarHappy New Year. The last of the scripts are being read, and evaluations are being returned to writers as the first round of judging the 2015-16 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition nears completion. For us, we are finally able to come out of hibernation as we dig out from the stacks of scripts and evaluations that have lined our walls like wallpaper for the last several months.

But we are pleased to report, that there is a super excited buzz in the air here at Fresh Voices as we are once again thrilled by the quality of the material we have read so far this past year, and of course we are excited to have some more amazing opportunities lined up for our 2016 competition season.

If you are still waiting for your feedback, please continue to be patient. All feedback will be returned before we announe the Quarter-Finalists on January 26th.

After the Quarter-Finalists have been announced, all advancing screenwriters will have an optional one week window to enter an updated draft of their screenplay for consideration in the second round of the competition if they so choose. The cost to resubmit a new draft is $45. If a new draft is submitted, it will replace the original submission and will be considered for future rounds of the competition. If no new changes have been made, and you chose not to submit a new draft, then we will reread your original submission for judging in future rounds of the competition.

Below please find the upcoming 2016 announcement schedule for Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists and our Competition Winners over the next few weeks. Announcements will be made on the website followed by a public announcement in our newsletter. 


2016 Schedule of Announcements

Dates are subject to change



TBA January 26th

Resubmission Deadline

11:59pm February 2nd


TBA Week of March 1st

Finalists/ Spotlight Awards Short-List 

TBA Weeof March 22nd

Winners / Spotlight Award Winners/ Grand Prize Award Winner

TBA Week of April 5th