2014-15 Screenplay Competition Quarter-Finalists

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Fresh Voices are pleased to announce their 2014-15 screenplay competition quarter finalists. The list of 325 scripts, represents approximately the top 20% of the more than 1,500 screenplays received. Semi-Finalists are due to be announced March 3rd.

Here is your 2014-15 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition – By the Numbers

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ID-100143631We received over 1,500 entries from 45 US States led by California (368), New York (96) and Texas (53). Screenplays were also received from 44 Countries around the world including such places as Albania, Armenia, Chile, China, Egypt, India, Lithuania, Nigeria, Singapore and Uganda to name a few.  Outside of the USA, England (78), Canada (63) and Australia (43) entered the most scripts for obvious reasons.

The Drama/ Period/ Biopic/ Historical Category received the most entries (373), followed by the Comedy/ Rom-Com Category with 270 entries.


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2014-15 Screenplay Competition Schedule of Announcements

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ID-10034886With the first round judging of the 2014-15 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition coming to an end, we are pleased to let you know the anticipated schedule of announcements for Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Winners over the next couple of months. Announcements will be made on the website followed by a public announcement in our newsletter. 

After the QF announcement has been made, all advancing screenwriters will have an optional 1 week window to enter an updated draft of their screenplay for consideration in the second round of the competition. The cost to resubmit a new draft is $45. If a new draft is submitted, it will replace the original submission and will be considered for future rounds of the competition. If no new changes have been made, and you chose not to submit a new draft, then we will reread your original submission for judging in future rounds of the competition.

Dates are subject to change.


Januaryt 26th, 2015

Resubmission Deadline

February 3rd, 2015


March 3rd, 2015

Finalists/ Spotlight Awards Short-List 

March 24th, 2015

Winners / Spotlight Award Winners

April 6th, 2015


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2012 Grand Prize Winner Options Script

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Concord Films lands Stephen Hunt's The Oval Portrait

banner 2Since winning the 2012 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, Grand Prize winner Stephen Hunt has hit a hot streak securing 13 screenplay competition and film festival wins with 3 different scripts.

All this heat led to the attention of Emmy Award winning TV director Miguel Guerreiro who ultimately collaborated with and directed a short crime thriller written by Stephen now in post-production entitled Early Release.

Not satisfied with merely seeing his short script being shot by an Emmy winning director, last week Stephen optioned his feature screenplay, Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait, based on the Edgar Alan Poe short story, to Concord Films, a US production company now wrapping their their third film. The Oval Portrait is scheduled to be their next project to be shot in Louisiana.

Congrats Stephen!

2013 Grand Prize Winner Jade Shames Meets Joel Schumacher

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Joel Schumacher  Jade Shames small croppedSince winning the 2013 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition in May, Jade Shames’ life as a screenwriter has taken a whole new dimension.

He was immediately signed by top LA literary manager Evan Cavic for representation and will travel to Los Angeles in July for his first meetings.

Last week, Jade met with acclaimed Hollywood director and Head of the 2013 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition Jury, Joel Schumacher, at the Mercer Hotel in New York.

In his own words, Jade talks about his meeting with Joel Schumacher.

"I was nervous at first, but he was instantly charming and very down-to-earth. His stories were priceless and delivered with such nonchalance. Celebrities were often featured in his anecdotes—people like Woody Allen and Terry Gilliam—it was the only time I had ever heard name-dropping done naturally! 

The conversation was mainly about the business of screenwriting, movie making, and getting to that "next level". It was very enlightening. One of the greatest lessons was that he didn’t have any special formula or secret to impart when it comes to being successful in show business. Everybody struggles and only a few succeed. That’s just the way it goes.

Before we parted he quoted Mao, saying that we are all workers among workers. This was so appropriate given our conversation.

He told me to keep in touch and I certainly will. I can safely say, without hyperbole, that I had a fantastic time just sitting in the Mercer Hotel with Joel Schumacher, talking film and critiquing the outfits of those passing by."

Read a complete interview with Jade Shames here. 

You Can Now Enter The 2014 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition Using Film Freeway

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Fresh Voices has added an alternate method for you to enter the  2014 screenplay competition.

Film Freeway is reinventing film festival submissions with modern technology and a fair business model. It's a free, safe and secure way for filmmakers and screenwriters to enter and register for major film festivals and screenplay competitions. 

Keep track of all your submissions in one place using Film Freeway.

The Phoenix Rises! Phoenix Empire! Wins 2013-14 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition

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Joel Schumacher1Acclaimed Hollywood Director Joel Schumacher, Principato-Young literary manager Evan Cavic, and Fresh Voices Chairman Joel Mendoza have named Jade Shames’ explosive fictional drama Phoenix Empire! as the winner of the Fresh Voices Eli Richbourg Grand Prize Award from over 1,500 entries received.

Announcing the award, Joel Schumacher said, "In PHOENIX EMPIRE, Jade Shames shows he has an extraordinary level of daring and imagination. It is a piece of total originality that defies convention or formula. Of all the great new writers this contest introduced me to, Jade is an original voice that must be encouraged."

Phoenix Empire! tells the fantastical journey of Fern Harmon, the greatest pyro-technician that ever lived, as told by her obituary. There are many words that can be used to describe Fern Harmon, rebel, scientist, sexual deviant, criminal, masterpiece-maker, and the story explains why she is deserving of each one. The story boasts a brilliant role for a leading lady to carry the film, and great potential for a director to bring forth a visually stunning cinematic treat.

And the Winners Are !!!

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And the Winners Are


A "rogue" hunter travels between dimensions and enlists her alternate self in the hunt for a killer.

The harrowing and fantastical life story of the greatest pyrotechnician the world has ever seen.

An every man thrown into extraordinary circumstances is forced to decide who lives and who dies.

A hard-boiled Elf detective investigates a murder in the North Pole that might just involve the elusive fatman himself.

These are just some of the wonderful and colorful characters and original stories we have been consumed with here at Fresh Voices over the last several weeks. 

And with the culmination of a year long process to identify the most original new voices, breakout writers, and hottest new spec scripts. we are thrilled to announce the 2013 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition & Spotlight Award Winners.