Do you represent me or my material?

Fresh Voices does not represent your material, however, material that receives a "recommend" or "strong recommend" are considered for wider industry exposure.

Do you automatically attach yourselves to my material in anyway?

No. In some instances our production department may be interested in optioning your material, in which case a separate agreement will be presented.

Do you take a percentage of my script sales?

Fresh Voices does not take a percentage of any script sales.

What if I have a question after I have received analysis?

Fresh Voices offers a free follow up email consultation to make sure you understand the notes you have received. 

What if I don't agree with the notes I receive?

We strive to give you solid examples from your material to back up our conclusions. However, if you do not agree, simply lets us know what you don't agree with and we'll try to explain our comments.

What's the difference between an evaluation, analysis and story notes?

The difference is the depth in which the notes break down the material. An evaluation will lay out ou rbasic comments on your material and areas of the material that require further development. Screenplay Analysis pinpoints various areas of your material that work and that do not work, along with genereal suggestions for improvement.  Story notes offer far more in depth notes including insightful suggestions to help improve your material.