• 10-14 business day Turnaround
  • All Services include our 15-Point Evaluation & Scorecard
  • All material that scores (90%) or higher, will be considered for wider industry exposure
  • All development services include follow up email consultation to answer any questions.

Basic Evaluation

The 16 Point Evaluation includes a logline, plus 1 page score sheet and evaluation. The summary breaks down in general terms, the areas of your material that require further development and some basic suggestions for improvement.

Feature $79
TV Pilot $69
Short Script $59

Sample #1  Sample #2

Screenplay Analysis

Analysis includes logline, 15 Point Evaluation and an additional 4-5 pages of in depth comments covering the major points of screenplay construction and highlighting which aspects of your material work and don’t work and most importantly why.

Feature $199
TV Pilot $150
Short Script $99

Sample #1  Sample #2

 Pro Story Notes

Story notes include 8-10 pages of detailed analysis indicating the strengths and weaknesses of your material, along with insightful recommendations to strengthen content, broaden appeal and maximize your chances of selling your screenplay.

Feature $299
TV Pilot $250
Short Script $175

Sample #1  Sample #2

 Consultation Package

The consultation package includes screenplay analysis plus a follow up evaluation of a subsequent draft of the same screenplay.

Screenplay Analysis
Follow-up Evaluation
Feature $250
TV Pilot $200
Short Script $130


Additional Options

Add a Synopsis or Polish/ Proofread Sheet to one of the above development services and receive 15% off your total order. 

Synopsis - A 1-2 page synopsis of your screenplay ($75). Rush Service - Turn Around in 3-5 business days ($50).
Polish/ Proofread Sheet - A list by page number of typos, gramatical and formatting errors ($75). Resubmission - Follow up development service on a previously submitted screenplay (25% off).