The development process for studios, financiers and producers in today’s Hollywood has become a labor intensive, costly risk few are willing to take. What they want is pre-developed, quality material they know will sell. It is up to the writer to make sure their material is studio ready before being submitted. You'll only have one chance to impress and your material must be up to task.

Receiving notes on your material is an integral process. No matter how ready you think your material is, experienced eyes will always find things you've overlooked, or thought you could get away with. Established writers get notes from their agent, manager and producer. Shouldn't you take as much care in making sure your work is as ready as theirs? Fresh Voices offers the same care, nurturing and insight to you, that a manager or agent would give their A list client.

When material receives a "strong recommend" or a 15 Point Evaluation score over 90% or higher, that material is considered for industry promotion.


Every writer has strengths and weaknesses. While we always try to find positive things to say, we don't sugar coat our analysis. You can expect an honest evaluation and a professional reaction, as well as precise examples from your material to support our conclusions. We don't just tell you what works and what doesn't, we take the time to explain why, and offer valuable suggestions on how to improve the material. 


We guarantee you’ll receive unbiased, tailored advice from a fully trained development expert in touch with the realities of today’s marketplace.

We seek out the highest trained development experts. We know story and structure, but moreover we know what sells and who’s buying. This insider knowledge allows us to provide relevant, constructive advice and valuable insight to make your work more salable.

Our taste and expertise run the gamut.We have experience with all types of material:

  • concept driven & character driven
  • studio & independent
  • genre & experimental
  • high concept & art house
  • screenplays & teleplays