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Secrets of Successful Screenwriters. Extrovert 1000x400It is perhaps the greatest paradox of screenwriting. Writing is surely one of the most solitary, introverted jobs I can think of, and yet, the most successful writers I know can switch on the charm and be among the best networkers in the room. They have a relaxed, easy-going nature in social situations that draws people in.  They are observant, curious people watchers. But they are not watching from the corner of the room, but rather they are taking it all in as an active participant, sharing in the joy and pain of other people’s experiences.

In order to be a successful screenwriter, you must get out there, you must be affable, you must “meet and greet” and you have to know how to be “good in a room.”

You can’t hide behind your computer and hope to become successful. Being a successful screenwriter is as much about being a social butterfly and a self-promoter. You must impress people, or at least know how to leave an impression. Don’t be arrogant and don’t be a know it all -- but know the value of your accomplishments, be confident in your work, and be sure you know how to entertain people.

This business is about building relationships. You’re a storyteller, so your personality must reflect what you write. If you’ve written a comedy, you best be funny. If you write horror, you best know how to scare people. Iif you write comedy, you better know how to make them laugh. And if you are promoting your latest action script, you’ve got to know how to excite ‘em.  Whatever you write or are writing, one thing is for sure in Hollywood; nobody likes dull stories.

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