2019-20 Screenplay Competition Winners

Congratulations 2019 Winners


Grand Prize Winner Reef Challenger

Action/ Adventure

Winner Call Out                
by Nir Shelter
Honorable Mention Bear-Proof Suit
by Nicholas Shafir
Honorable Mention The First-Gentleman
by Mark Gunnion


Comedy/ Romantic-Comedy

Winner The Power of Three
by Priscilla Davies
Honorable Mention Mildred Wants To Die
by Anthony McMillan
Honorable Mention The Homestudy
by Derek Nicoletto


Drama/ Period/ Historical/ Biopic

Winner Pieces, Or a West Hollywood Club Called Rage
by Chris Phillips
Honorable Mention Recoil
by Robert Armanyous
Honorable Mention Without Apology
by Jackie Hedeman & Molly Olguin


Family/ Animated/ Musical

Winner Girls on the Run
by Lukas Hassel
Honorable Mention Corporate: The Musical
by Kerry Ann Reid
Honorable Mention New York Times
by Robert Simon


Science-Fiction/ Fantasy

Winner Control Room
by Julien Deladriere
Honorable Mention Mission College
by Jasmine Levya
Honorable Mention Empty Set
Evander Lang


Thriller/ Horror

Winner Henrietta by Harry Aspinwall
Honorable Mention The Weatherway Conspiracy by Ryan Lange & Alan Perry
Honorable Mention All Is Calm
by Matthew J. Beier


Short Script

Winner Shilo's War
by Nick Denbeigh
Honorable Mention Conscience by Brandon Kelley
Honorable Mention The Shepherd's Staff
by Andrew Marshall


1 Hr TV Pilot

Winner 1066 by Sam Wright
Honorable Mention The Extraordinary Life of Angela Mulberry
by Matthew J. Beier
Honorable Mention Ballsy (fka Better Men Inc.)
by Patricia Nagy


1/2 Hr TV Pilot

Winner Umerika by Jill Von D
Honorable Mention White Reacher
by Brianna Brown
Honorable Mention Fermentation by Christine Garver


TV Writing Sample

Winner Curb Your Enthusiasm: Tantra Schmantra
by Scott Marshall Taylor
Honorable Mention Grace and Frankie: The Party
by Emma Kidd
Honorable Mention Catastrophe: #$@&%*!
by Jamie Kourt


spotlight awards

Best Role For A Leading Man

Pieces, Or a West Hollywood Club Called Rage
by Chris Phillips


Best Role For A Leading Woman

Recoil by Robert Armanyous


Best Ensemble Cast

Big Girls Don't Cry  
by Tracee Beebe


Best Dialogue

The Homestudy
by Derek Nicoletto


Best First 10 Pages

The Power of Three
by Priscilla Davies


Culture & Heritage Award

Shoshanna by Justin Olstein


Diversity & Inclusion Award

by Jill Von D


Humanitarian Award

by Luis Cuenca


Courage & Fortitude Award

Day of the White Rabbit
by Liz Tabish

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