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2018 Announcement Schedule

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All feedback will be returned within the coming days. If you requested the Judge’s Scorecard & Evaluation during our Free Feedback period (or paid for it thereafter), you can expect to receive your feedback by January 25th

If you have not received your Judge’s Notes by this date, please search your spam folder first, and then contact us if you still do not see it.

  • Quarter-Finalists

TBA January 29th, 2018

Quarter Finalists represent the top 20-30% of scripts in each category

  • Resubmission Period

Writer’s who successfully advance to the Quarter Finalists will have an optional, 1-week resubmission period to enter a new/ more current draft of their screenplay.

Resubmission Deadline: February 6th

  • Semi-Finalists - TBA Tuesday, March 6th

Semi-Finalists represent the top 10 scripts in each category – 100

  • Finalists & Spotlight Award Shortlist - TBA Tuesday, March 27th

Finalists represent the top 5 scripts in each category – 50

Top 5 Scripts Nominated For Each Spotlight Award

  • Winners & Honorable Mentions - TBA Monday, April 9th

First Place plus 2x Honorable Mentions in each category – 30 

Spotlight Award Winners - 10

Overall Grand Prize Winner - 1

By Fresh Voices Staff

We have made some changes to our scoring.  Why?

ScorecardRoger Ebert gave the Will Ferrell comedy Anchorman three stars out of four.  You know how many stars he bestowed upon the classic film Godfather, Part II in his original 1974 review?  Three stars out of four.  Well there you have it, Roger Ebert thought a Will Ferrell comedy and an epic crime saga were exactly the same in terms of quality.

Except he didn’t.  We know he didn’t.  He’s said so.  Numeric ratings have their place and their use, but at some point a general thumbs up or thumbs down is more practical.  That’s not to say that there’s no merit in numbers, but at some point you have to wonder if you’re not just overcomplicating subjective opinions with objective-sounding numbers.

This is why we have made some changes to our scoring.

Shanghai 3Fresh Voices Headline Judge Hossein Amini will see his film “Shanghai” released in the US by The Weinstein Company. TWC originally opened the Mikael Håfström directed film in China in 2010 but it was never released in the US. That is all about to change as the film has been slated for a limited theatrical run starting August 21, 2015.

The film, starring John Cusack, Chow Yun-Fat, Ken Watanabe and Franke Potente is a neo-noir set during the Japanese occupation of China during World War II. John Cusack plays an American Naval Intelligence Agent investigating a murder just as the US is being drawn in to the war by Pearl Harbor.

The film is produced by Academy Award Winning Producer Donna Gigliotti (Shakespeare In Love), Mike Medavoy, Barry Mendel, and Jake Myers.