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Fresh Voices is a Hollywood based consultancy for screenwriters. Our annual screenplay contest and development services are designed to identify, nurture and bring to market the most promising and exciting new talent, remarkable storytellers, and visonary filmmakers of tomorrow.

Our professional screenplay development services are geared to prepare emerging screenwriters to submit their material to the industry with confidence. Our emphasis is on guiding the writer to discover and hone their own unique voice. As a result, Fresh Voices has effectively and successfuly helped dozens of screenwriters, just like you, launch their careers.

You only have one chance to impress the people that matter. You owe it to yourself to make that opportunity count.


Our approach to discovering new talent underscores our strong belief that new voices deserve to be heard, and great stories told.


Established filmmakers have a support team to prepare, promote and help navigate the business. Fresh Voices offers similar resources to emerging talent.


We take a proactive approach to introducing new talent and material to the industry through our network of executive relationships.

Fresh Voices Makes A Difference

Our belief is that film and television have the power to not only entertain, but to inform, educate and elicit a deeper appreciation of the world around us. To celebrate the transformative affect of such stories and their writer's, the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition offers four unique awards to highlight those who make a positve difference through their writing.

Additionally, Fresh Voices promotes a sustainable environment by being a completely paperless competition. And because of our desire to make the world a better place, Fresh Voices donates a portion of competition proceeds directly to charity each year. Since 2009, Fresh Voices has supported all of these worthy causes.

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Voice Matters: Developing Your Voice As A New Screenwriter (Part 2)

By Angel Orono The year is 1992 and “Batman Returns” is cleaning up at the box office... This was when I became fully aware of the unique voice of screenwriter Daniel Waters.  For those unfamiliar with his career, Waters exploded into Hollywood with the classic black teen comedy “Heathers”.  He would, unfortunately, follow up with a...

Voice Matters: Developing Your Voice As A New Screenwriter

By Angel Orona   “EXT. POSH BEVERLY HILLS HOME – TWILIGHT The kind of house that I’ll buy if this movie is a huge hit.” The above is now legendary stage direction for 22-year-old’s Shane Black’s first screenplay “Lethal Weapon”, which became a monster hit in 1987 and would go on to spawn several sequels.  He was paid a quarter of...

6 Ways To Market Yourself and Stand Out As A Screenwriter

by Joel Mendoza In such a competitive industry, how you decide to brand and market yourself as a screenwriter can be the difference between success and failure.  Not every showbiz folk is a self-aggrandizing attention seeker, nor have even the slightest inclination to promote oneself, but it’s essential you find ways to make your presence...

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