Read an independent interview with past contestants Jim Schweitzer, Paul Undari and 2012 Grand Prize Winner Stephen Hunt about their experience in the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition at Moviebytes.com.



As someone who has tried other online screenwriting services, I can honestly say that Fresh Voices is the only site that truly invests in the writer, offering an indepth analysis and consultation that helps you elevate your material to its fullest potential... they truly care about nurturing writers and helping them hone their craft.

Moutaz Jad                                Los Angeles, California

Thank you for such wonderful, thorough and thoughtful feedback. I have never gotten this kind of feedback from a competition. Thank you!

Luke Yankee                              Long Beach, California

Superb feedback. Both insightful and useful. It's nice to get a reader who actually has ideas and suggestions about your work. The fact that I'm receiving this from a contest format is mind-blowing to me. You guys are onto something special. Keep it up!

Be Smissen                              Murrieta, California 

I was pretty sure the feedback would be lame, short, and barely usable. Sort of like the book reports I wrote in the 6th grade. Happily, my cynicism was confounded again. The comments were insightful, honest, and constructive; even a little creative. Definitely worth the price of admission. Thank you for running a contest that doesn't seem like such a scam for a change.

Ron Maede                               Plainfield, Illinois

Wow!  Great feedback!!  I once paid $500 for an evaluation that wasn't one tenth as thoughtful or useful, not to mention detailed. I could tell your reader actually read every word and gave it some thought. Worth the price of admission alone!

John Aldriedge                          Arlington Virginia

I really appreciate the feedback in your contest. The notes were insightful, clear, concise and gave me a great sense of the level of importance and detail that went into the analysis. It's nice to know that someone worked as hard to critique it as I did to write it.

Leon Hendrix                             Rhinebeck, New York

We want to thank you for your evaluation of our script.  It was articulate and well written, and showed you took the time to absorb it. Writing these short, comprehensive reviews is clearly an art form of its own. It was a pleasant surprise to get serious feedback from an experienced industry professional.

Mark Beech and Linda Gray       Battle Creek, Nebraska 

Many thanks for the excellent feedback. You were able to articulate and hammer home a couple of points that others had made but that had not made sense to me.

Paul Littell                                 Rowayton, Connecticut  

Thank you for, again, another great analysis.  Your advice is so clear to me to be exactly on the mark that I can't believe I spent so many hundreds of hours on this project without any of it occurring to me!  I think I'll go back to writing limericks, epigrams and shopping lists ;)

D. Jay Williams                         Spokane Valley, Washington 

Please thank your reader for his or her very perceptive and helpful comments (and I speak as a fairly well-respected UK script editor myself).

Ellin Stein                                 London, England

Thank you so much for the thoughtful and on-target evaluation and suggestions.  You made me feel seen.

Mark Hammond                         Jersey City, New Jersey

This is the first screenplay contest that means something to me. I've won others with better pieces of writing that were less commercial and got me nowhere. Your helpful summary pushed me towards my second draft faster that any meaningless award could have. $60 bucks for an entry free: questionable. Honest notes on my screenplay: priceless.

Ellyn Shull                                 Kirkland, Washington

Thanks so much for the thoughtful and very useful critique.  It's great to know one's work is being read so thoroughly!

Matt Lambert                             Los Angeles, California

Just a quick note to say thanks again for such a powerful insight. I love the meatball and oatmeal analogy! I'll give this a great deal of thought on my next rewrite of the script.

Chuck Duffie                             Claremont, California

The feedback I received on my script was helpful. In fact, I have made revisions based upon those suggestions. As well, I must say I liked the tone of the way the feedback was written better than that of any festival... just so you know.

Philip Sedgwick                         Tucson, Arizona

Wow. I don't know if you'll get this e-mail but thank you! thank you! thank you! -Your useful feedback came at the perfect time. Hope is a precious commodity these days, and your critique gave me enough to keep going for a while.

Mark Charles                             San Diego, California

Thanks for the feedback!  It was stated very clear and helpful.  I’ll definitely make the recommended adjustments.

Dionne Ellison                           Clementon, New Jersey 

Thank you for such a thoughtful and professional analysis of my two scripts. Wow! (And your reader's writing is far superior to mine--it was a real treat.)

DJW                                         Spokane, Washington

Your feedback was outstanding. Thank you so much.

Kevin Jaxon                              Park Forrest, Illinois

Thank you for the excellent notes -- very helpful on the important issues -- I'm hard at work incorporating them.

Hamilton Mitchell                       Studio City, California 

Just wanted to thank my reviewer for their notes.  They're the most on-point and useful notes I've received in awhile!

Ricardo Acuna                          Los Angeles, California

Thank you for these great notes!  I appreciate the concise and thoughtful review - very helpful

Christine Downs                        West Hollywood, California

Thank you very much for the feedback.  The competition aside, this is very helpful indeed and will absolutely assist me in the redrafting of my script.

Ronnie Mackintosh                    West Lothian, Great Britain

Thank you very much for the oh so helpful evaluation of my screenplay.  I am excited to have this information to guide me in my writing.

Theresa Danley                         Chinook, Montana

Many thanks for the feedback. That alone, was worth my submission fee.

Anne Iwobi                                Brighton, England

Thank you for the insightful and carefully considered feedback. The comments and suggestions were valuable, and I look forward to working with you in the future

Ken Lemm                                Atlanta, Georgia

So I just received my evaluation Seth. Let me tell you that your readers are too kind! Great suggestions and feedback. Plus someone actually REALLY read my script! Awesome.

Brian Downs                             Kentwood, Michigan

I have entered my script in other competitions over the past year and a half and received other critiques and coverage from various sources.  I have to say that the recent evaluation that I received from your reader is by far the most thoughtful and valuable feedback I have ever received.  Not only were the suggestions clear and helpful, but this is the first feedback from an objective source where the reader was obviously familiar with the novel from which my screenplay was based. My script took Second Place in another major competition this year and the feedback was not nearly as valuable as what I got from you. I often wonder about the credibility of some of these contests, but it appears that Fresh Voices is a true Class Act!

Jim Farina                                 Palatine, Illinois 

Thank you so much for writing me the feedback! I found it tremendously helpful and insightful. You are providing a fantastic service for writers and I feel so blessed to have found your contest 

Laura C.                                    Memphis, Tennessee

Thank you for the detailed feedback. It was quite obvious the reader had read the material cover to cover and their level of professionalism and understanding of story and structure was clearly evident and a breath of fresh air. 

Rosanna Marquez,                    Los Angeles, Ca.

Thank you so much for your spot-on evaluation! Thank you, though, too, for your encouraging words.  

Jane J.                                     Reno, Nevada


If I only enter one competition next year, it will be Fresh Voices.

Alexi Solomon                          Albequerque, New Mexico

My script’s been optioned! Thank you Fresh Voices!!

Sarah Weiss-Long                     San Antonio, Texas

At first I didn't know what to make of your contest as there are SO many pretenders and scammers out there, but I feel you guys are really doing a great job encouraging, challenging, and respecting new and growing writers. Thanks for everything, and look out for my next draft!

Leon Hendrix                             Rhinebeck, New York

Thanks to you, I've had three requests to read my script. Hopefully I'll have some questions for you about option agreements soon!!

Bill Carter                                  Denver, Co.

Fresh Voices is FIRST CLASS in every way -- professional, philanthropic and great with communication. The website is easy to navigate and everything about your organization seems a step above the rest. I wish you continued success with it.

Jan Stanton                              Los Angeles, California

Your packaging reports have proven so valuable to me. I have a letter of intent from an actor and he's helping me approach directors he knows before we take the package to producers. Amazing!

William S.                                 Los Angeles, Ca.

I've tried several consultants over the years, but I must say I've never been given the level of attention you've offered me. It's been a great help to know I have someone to turn to for advice.

Lisa                                          San Diego, Ca.

Wow, thank you! Please pass on my sincere thanks to your readers for their astute and invaluable comments, and I want to thank you for running such a great comp – where else can we get such professional and useful feedback for such minimal cost!

Margaret Riseley                       Sarina Beach, Australia

Thank you for your kind email and support.  It's been a pleasure participating in this competition. Everyone I've been in contact with at Fresh Voices has been most considerate.

Emily Solomon                         Washington, DC

It's very nice to receive such a positive and encouraging message.   I was also very happy to receive my feedback on the script. Congratulations to you and the peeps at Fresh Voices on running such a well organized competition.

Caroline Farrell                          County Dublin, Ireland

I'm greatly impressed by the level of communication and professionalism of the Fresh Voices competition, and the feedback from the first round was most inspiring.

John Radzniak                           Verona, New Jersey

I’m continuously impressed by the first class way that Fresh Voices does business. Your follow-up letter is yet another example of how you take the time to do things right and in today’s age you really stand out.

Jan Stanton                              Los Angeles, California

Thanks for the encouraging words.  I appreciate the time and passion you put into the screenplay evaluations.  It appears that Fresh Voices is a quality organization.

Brandon Rosin                          San Pedro, California