Did you know Fresh Voices has donated thousands of dollars to charity?

Fresh Voices strives to make a difference in many ways.  First to the careers of the writers we work with. We work hard to offer a transparent process, genuine opportunities, advice and a tangible career boost.

Secondly, our firm belief is that film and television have the social reach and inate power to not only entertain, but to inform, educate and elicit a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around us. Our competition has four unique awards to recognize and reward writers who try to make a positve difference through their writing by balancing a strong commercial sensibility with their desire to affect positive change in the world. These awards include the Culture & Heritage Award, the Humanitarian Award, the Diversity & Inclusion Award and the Courage & Fortitude Award.

In addition, Fresh Voices makes a difference to the world around us. We promote a healthy, sustainable environment by being a completely paperless competition.

And lastly, because of our own desire to make the world a better place, Fresh Voices donates a portion of competition proceeds directly to charity. Over the past 6 years, Fresh Voices has donated thousands of dollars to the following charities.

  FilmAid logo  Cancer Reaserch Institute 2  Breast Cancer

Humane Society  Eli Richbourg Head shot  Entertainment Indsutry Foundation