Screenplay competitions are a great way to break through the Hollywood gridlock, to be heard and recognized. However, there are some points to consider when deciding whom to entrust with your material.

What happens if I win and what does winning do for my career?

More than just a competition, winning Fresh Voices is a great launching pad for any writer looking to start a career writing full time. Being a Fresh Voices finalist is seen as a great validation of your writing skills industry wide and we are committed to your success.

Great material deserves a great strategy. Fresh Voices will contact the grand prize winner to discuss your past, present and future writing career. Fresh Voices will work with you to encourage industry reads and facilitate meetings and relationships with executives. Perhaps you'll want to take some of your grand prize money and plan a trip to LA if you're not already here.

All winning material benefits from our targeted promotion to ensure industry reads. Fresh Voices will contact winners to discuss a targeted approach that is unique to the material and the writer. All winners receive on-going support and consultation.

Who is reading my material?

Fresh Voices has a team of readers who assess the first round of judging. Our second round of judging is done by a small team of in-house judges. These judges are the same people who prepare coverage and story notes for the most prominent agencies, producers and studios in Hollywood.

Our competition is not administered by other writers, consultants, readers, or ex-executives out of touch with today's realities. We are knowledgeable, well connected industry professionals in the business of discovering new writers and introducing them to the industry.

Through targeted promotion we effectively match winning material with appropriate buyers to ensure industry reads.

How do I know I am getting an equal shot?

All judging is done in-house by a small team who each judge according to the same process and criteria to ensure a clear and transparent process. No one judge reads the same material twice.

We also have multiple categories and awards. We do not throw all scripts into one pile as there is no fair way to compare a low budget independent drama to a high concept action film.

Fresh Voices scores every screenplay using our 15 point Evaulation System to bring a consistency to the scoring process.

How do I know my material is actually being read?

We send our 15 Point Evaluation to anyone who selects to receive it, for free, prior to our Regular Deadline. After the Regular Deadline, you can choose to receive the Evaluation at a discounted cost of $25 plus entry.

We also offer more in depth5page script analysis through our development services.

How do I know my material is safe?

As a writer your two greatest assets are your material and your talent. Both must be nurtured and protected. We take great care in how your material is handled, and seek to protect our writers. While not obligatory, we recommend you take these two simple steps.

  1. Register your material with the Writers Guild of America or the Copyright Office.
  2. Download our submission agreement which ensures we won't run off with your script.

We do all reading and judging in-house to protect the integrity of your material. By signing our submission agreement, we agree to not share your material with anyone until we have a conversation with you, the writer, and determine a strategy moving forward.

Am I giving up any rights to my material?

Absolutely not, but be ready to if a producer expresses interest in optioning it. You retain all rights in your material until then.


If you have any more questions please contact us.