2016 17 qtwinners

  • $20,000 Cash & Prizes

  • Guaranteed Script Reads

  • Industry Consideration

  • Professional Script Evaluation

  • Screenplay Development

  • Screenwriting Consultation

Fresh Voices is a Hollywood literary consultancy and annual screenplay contest designed to identify, nurture, and bring to market the most promising new voices in screenwriting.

Since 2009, Fresh Voices has been helping screenwriters hone their voice and has developed a successful track record of discovering new screenwriters. Many of their past clients have been signed, optioned, produced, and staffed on TV series.

With over $20,000 Cash & Prizes, free feedback and guaranteed script consideration from leading Hollywood Production Companies, Fresh Voices has become one of the most highly anticipated screenplay competitions of the year for screenwriters and a trusted source of material by the industry.

Competition Categories

Fresh Voices offers 10 Competition Categories for Feature Films, TV Pilots and Short Scripts. Each category is judged separately and according to the merits of the genre, maximizing each contestant's chances of winning.

Feature Screenplay Category

(Less than 130 pages)
  • Action /Adventure
  • Comedy/ Romantic Comedy
  • Family / Animated/ Musical
  • Drama/ Historical/ Biopic/ Period
  • Sci-Fi/ Fantasy/ Graphic Novel
  • Thriller/ Psychological Thriller/ Horror

Short Script Category

(Less than 25 pages)

  • Short Scripts - All Genres

TV Pilot Category

(Less than 75 pages)

Pilots must be original.
  • 1 Hr Television Pilot 
  • 1/2 Hr Television Pilot

TV Spec Writing Samples

(Less than 75 pages)

Must currently be airing new episodes in the US market.

  • 1 Hr & 1/2 Hr Spec Writing Samples

Spotlight Awards

In addition to the competition categories, Fresh Voices offers 10 Spotlight Awards to highlight various achievements in screenwriting. 

**Diversity & Inclusion Award**

Promotes diversity and inclusion on screen. We spotlight screenplays where the main character or a majority of characters are under represented in cinema.

**Culture & Heritage Award**

Encourages writers who bring attention to the importance of culture and heritage in our world through their writing.

**Humanitarian Award**

Rewards material that highlights social and political issues around the world, as well as writers that strive to make a positive difference through their writing.

**Courage & Fortitude Award**

Spotlights writers who dare to test and break the standard formula and convention of cinema.

Deadlines & Entry Fees







Early Deadline August 9th $60 $55 $45 $45 Free
Regular Deadline September 8th $65 $60 $50 $45  Free
Late Deadline October 6th $70 $65 $55 $45  $25
Final Deadline November 3rd $75 $70 $60 $45  $25

 Please contact us for a 10% discount code if you are submitting 3 or more scripts.

You may expedite your feedback (7-10 days) at checkout for $25.

Announcement Schedule

Quarter Finalists + 1 Week Resubmission Period January 2017
Semi Finalists & Awards Shortlist March 2017
Finalists & Awards Nominees March 2017
Winners April 2017