FV 2016 17 comp winner

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Comedy/ Rom-Com

1st Place Winner Glitches by Kelly Beck-Byrnes
Honorable Mention Powderpuff by Kyle Little
Honorable Mention The Anklebiter by Andy Jones

Action/ Adventure

1st Place Winner Distract by Tracy Whitaker
Honorable Mention Crime Extraordinaire by Howard Fridkin
Honorable Mention Wilderness Soldier by Jeffrey Afrunti

Family Film/ Animated/ Musical

1st Place Winner The Moonbeam Fisherman by John Dummer
Honorable Mention Miss Christmas Daisy by Michelle Bergamo & Michele Giannusa
Honorable Mention Patchwork by Amanda Keener

Drama/ Period/ Biopic

1st Place Winner Grand Concourse by Matt Semel
Honorable Mention The 4th Rule by Reis Armstrong
Honorable Mention The Experiment by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel

Science-Fiction/ Fantasy

1st Place Winner Preincarnation by Kendall Castor-Perry
Honorable Mention Ezekiel Crabbe by Bob Canning
Honorable Mention Fellstone by Marjory Kaptanoglu


1st Place Winner The Evil Around Us by C. Marie Robinson
Honorable Mention 21 Days In The Amazon by Ben Koch
Honorable Mention The Saudi by Moutaz Jad

Short Script

1st Place Winner The Creed by Amey Richards
Honorable Mention Haria’s Worlds by Houssein Hijazi
Honorable Mention These Broken Wings by James Schlesinger

1 Hr TV Pilot

1st Place Winner Division One by Brooke Buffington & Maddy Curley
Honorable Mention Shadow Cell by Cody Glenn
Honorable Mention The Magus World by Gannon Kenney

1/2 Hr TV Pilot

1st Place Winner Teen Zombie Show by David Santo
Honorable Mention Splatterday by Paul Read
Honorable Mention Vicurious by Dave Pigeon & Michael Kondrat

TV Writing Sample

1st Place Winner Black Mirror: Punchbag by Steve Snell
Honorable Mention Better Call Saul: Meshes of the Afternoon by Alexander Berger
Honorable Mention Big Bang Theory: The Sticky Lingerie Mystery by Hamilton Mitchell

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spotlight awards


Best Role/ Leading Man Grand Concourse by Matt Semel
Best Role/ Leading Woman Glitches by Kelly Beck-Byrnes
Best Ensemble Cast Bronx Zoo by Steven Jon Whritner
Best Dialogue Bestseller by Glen Merzer
Best First 10 Pages Shadow Cell by Cody Glenn
Best Foreign Screenplay The Experiment (Canada) by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel
Diversity & Inclusion Award Section 504 by Melissa Emery
Culture & Heritage Award Haria's Worlds by Houssein Hijazi
Humanitarian Award The Experiment by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel
Courage & Fortitude Award Flux by Elizabeth Ward