2016 17 sfwinners

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CategoryTitleFirst NameLast Name
Action/ Adventure Blood Runs Red James Gilbertsen
Action/ Adventure Blood Trigger Ron Podell
Action/ Adventure Crime Extraordinaire Howard Fridkin
Action/ Adventure Distract Tracy Whitaker
Action/ Adventure Help Needed Matthew Goodman
Action/ Adventure In Real Life Maren Curtis
Action/ Adventure Insurance Philip Curry
Action/ Adventure Stealing God Martin Blinder
Action/ Adventure The Rosy Hue Of The Dying Day Lauren Hoekstra
Action/ Adventure Wilderness Soldier Jeffrey Afrunti
Comedy/ Rom-Com Best Seller Glen Merzer
Comedy/ Rom-Com Glitches Kelly Byrnes
Comedy/ Rom-Com Jon And Joan Sherise Dorf
Comedy/ Rom-Com Powderpuff Kyle Little
Comedy/ Rom-Com Preparing To Die Ryan Grinsberg
Comedy/ Rom-Com Semi-Pimps Alastair Surprise
Comedy/ Rom-Com The Anklebiter Andy Jones
Comedy/ Rom-Com The Secret Life of a Punk Rock Princess D.D. Wood
Comedy/ Rom-Com The Vidiots Sasha Tolmachyov
Comedy/ Rom-Com Water From The Moon Craig Holland
Drama/ Period/ Biopic By The Hands of Wally Vine David Warnock
Drama/ Period/ Biopic Crayons Michael Angelo Colgan
Drama/ Period/ Biopic Disposable Amy Russo
Drama/ Period/ Biopic Dominion Julian Hampton
Drama/ Period/ Biopic Footsteps Of My Father Erik V Wolter
Drama/ Period/ Biopic Freedom Fort Clint Williams
Drama/ Period/ Biopic Grand Concourse Matt Semel
Drama/ Period/ Biopic In My Brother's Image Tamas Harangi
Drama/ Period/ Biopic In My Brother's Image Eugene Pogany
Drama/ Period/ Biopic Return of the Hero John Morrison
Drama/ Period/ Biopic The 4th Rule Reis Armstrong
Drama/ Period/ Biopic The Captain Marcy Kelly
Drama/ Period/ Biopic The Captain Jane Paulson
Drama/ Period/ Biopic The Experiment Jeffrey Allen Russel
Drama/ Period/ Biopic The Experiment Lynda Lemberg
Drama/ Period/ Biopic The Lean Pearse Lehane
Family/Animated/Musical Ballin' The Otherside of the World Torino Von Jones
Family/Animated/Musical Bronx Zoo Steven  Jon Whritner
Family/Animated/Musical Fellstone Marjory Kaptanoglu
Family/Animated/Musical Flux Elizabeth Ward
Family/Animated/Musical Goners Geoffrey Uhl
Family/Animated/Musical Groundhogs: The Supercharged Forecaster Jared Lillis
Family/Animated/Musical Miss Christmas Daisy Michelle Bergamo
Family/Animated/Musical Patchwork Amanda Keener
Family/Animated/Musical The Moonbeam Fisherman John Dummer
Family/Animated/Musical The Skeleton Crew Tony Gonzalez
Horror/ Thriller 21 Days In The Amazon Ben Koch
Horror/ Thriller Don't Tell A Soul D.G. Stone
Horror/ Thriller Grand Concourse Matt Semel
Horror/ Thriller Long Time Coming Fred Mills
Horror/ Thriller Static Michael Escalante
Horror/ Thriller The Evil Around Us C. Marie Robsinson
Horror/ Thriller The Frontier Andrew Stylianou
Horror/ Thriller The Rosy Hue Of The Dying Day Lauren Hoekstra
Horror/ Thriller The Saudi Moutaz Jad
Horror/ Thriller Time Zero Erin Muir
Horror/ Thriller Tone Dead Sarah Polhaus
Science-Fiction/ Fantasy Decimator Steven Snell
Science-Fiction/ Fantasy Dragonsong Robert Cox
Science-Fiction/ Fantasy Ezekiel Scrooge: An American Christmas Carol Bob Canning
Science-Fiction/ Fantasy Final Harvest Thomas Begnal
Science-Fiction/ Fantasy Port Salvation Moses Campbell
Science-Fiction/ Fantasy Preincarnation Kendall Castor-Perry
Science-Fiction/ Fantasy Shattered Time Gorman Woodfin
Science-Fiction/ Fantasy The Moonbeam Fisherman John Dummer
Science-Fiction/ Fantasy The Wild Hunt Vanessa Yardley
Science-Fiction/ Fantasy White Calm Sid Bodalia
Short Script Becoming The Wild Mark Hertzler
Short Script Becoming The Wild Toby Valdes
Short Script Fields of Blood Mike Meade
Short Script Goodnight Mark Davidson
Short Script Graffiiti Cat Tatiana Radzik
Short Script Haria's Worlds Houssein Hijazi
Short Script Shadows Aminah Galal
Short Script The Cannibal Vanessa Leigh
Short Script The Creed Amey Richards
Short Script The Lullaby Motel Trish MacEnulty
Short Script These Broken Wings James Schlesinger
1 Hour TV Pilot All The Cool Kids Ryan Davenport
1 Hour TV Pilot Cruise Control "Pilot" Josh Bressler
1 Hour TV Pilot Division One Brooke Buffington
1 Hour TV Pilot Division One Maddy Curley
1 Hour TV Pilot Echoes of Bonnieville Simon Schneider
1 Hour TV Pilot Paradise Isle Amanda Keener
1 Hour TV Pilot Shadow Cell Cody Glenn
1 Hour TV Pilot The Demeter Rachael Pendergast
1 Hour TV Pilot The Magus World Gannon Kenney
1 Hour TV Pilot The Missing Man: Pilot Jack Kelly
1 Hour TV Pilot Thieves of Hearts Alex Lane
1/2 Hour TV Pilot Channel 69 Michael Toay
1/2 Hour TV Pilot Hard Corps Guy Noland
1/2 Hour TV Pilot Jack & Ginger Scott Reynolds
1/2 Hour TV Pilot Odd Job Simon Mueller
1/2 Hour TV Pilot Rating High Tai Scrivener
1/2 Hour TV Pilot Rating High Nir Shelter
1/2 Hour TV Pilot Splatterday Paul Read
1/2 Hour TV Pilot Teen Zombie Show David Santo
1/2 Hour TV Pilot Vicurious Michael Kondrat
1/2 Hour TV Pilot Vicurious Dave Pigeon
TV Writing Sample American Dad: Dazed and Diffused Katie Kirby
TV Writing Sample Better Call Saul: Meshes of the Afternoon Alexander Berger
TV Writing Sample Black Mirror Steven Snell
TV Writing Sample Black-ish: The Dairy Queen Sid Grey
TV Writing Sample Doctor Who: Death to the Judoon Steven Snell
TV Writing Sample Homeland: Silent Night, Soft Target Brin Connor
TV Writing Sample Longmire: The Levitt City Cooperative Jess  Grant
TV Writing Sample Rick and Morty: Groundhog Morty Stephen Flowers
TV Writing Sample The Big Bang Theory: The Sticky Lingerie Mystery Hamilton Mitchell
TV Writing Sample VEEP: Mabel Judy Bernardino