FV 2015 comp semi-final

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CategoryTitleFirst NameLast Name
Action/ Adventure Endure Zack Pesata
Action/ Adventure Ironclad J. Alan Hostetter
Action/ Adventure Manly Guys Club David Vendrell
Action/ Adventure My Dear Enemy Nono Tamura
Action/ Adventure My Dear Enemy Tasha Hardy
Action/ Adventure Sky Thief Jamie Barthol
Action/ Adventure The Enemy Within Debbi Mack
Action/ Adventure The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost Tim Bogg
Action/ Adventure The Locksmith: A Past Fate Jeffrey Morales
Action/ Adventure The Revolutionist Julie Paupe
Action/ Adventure The Revolutionist Joel Turtel
Action/ Adventure Wetwork Robert Bielak
Comedy/ Rom-Com A Stitch In Time Linda Ujifusa
Comedy/ Rom-Com Bride of Frankie Devi Snively
Comedy/ Rom-Com Double Christmas Mike Korpi
Comedy/ Rom-Com Eddie Vic Kathleen Douglass
Comedy/ Rom-Com Hot Flash Nina  Wishengrad
Comedy/ Rom-Com Hot Flash Su Hoyle
Comedy/ Rom-Com Jack and the Box Store Heidi Fitzgerald
Comedy/ Rom-Com Life To Life Terri Sissman
Comedy/ Rom-Com Squeeze Ally May
Comedy/ Rom-Com Stupid B**** Anthony Filangeri
Comedy/ Rom-Com The Office Pool Bobbi Jaimet
Drama/ Bio/ Period All That We Let In Michael Eaton
Drama/ Bio/ Period Brother Tyler Dowey
Drama/ Bio/ Period City In The Sun Nadeem Rajwani
Drama/ Bio/ Period Grace Jeffrey Russel
Drama/ Bio/ Period Grace Lynda Lemberg
Drama/ Bio/ Period Hey, Blue Eyes Daniel Harris
Drama/ Bio/ Period Really Weeley (Weeley Pop Festival) Toby Roberts
Drama/ Bio/ Period Reparations Eric Young
Drama/ Bio/ Period Supremacy Rosalyn Rosen
Drama/ Bio/ Period The Courage Inside Melissa Emery
Drama/ Bio/ Period The Drake Equation Brian Dobbs
Drama/ Bio/ Period The Unheard Flute Paul Gross
Drama/ Bio/ Period Undark Natalia Megas
Drama/ Bio/ Period Unsexed (Emma's War) Glenn Mitchell
Drama/ Bio/ Period What Are The Odds Jane Therese
Family/ Animated Decked Brent Hartinger
Family/ Animated Double Christmas Mike Korpi
Family/ Animated Hattie Ian Charles Slater
Family/ Animated Lemon Made Erik Adolphson
Family/ Animated Manly Guys Club David Vendrell
Family/ Animated Out Flying Past My Bedtime Linda Falcao
Family/ Animated The Boy From The Sea John Woodard
Family/ Animated The Thin Place Steve Brehm
Family/ Animated This Will Leave A Mark Kathryn Kyker
Family/ Animated What Are The Odds Jane Therese
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Bride of Frankie Devi Snively
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Clash at Crimson Outpost Gregory Georgiou
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Crossed Currents Frederick Kim
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Dragonsong Robert Cox
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy In Chrysalis Nelson Downend
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Sardis The Merciful Christian Thomas
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Syvertsen's Complex Marni Sullivan
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze Howard Fridkin
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy The Locksmith: A Past Fate Jeffrey Morales
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy The Thin Place Steve Brehm
Thriller/ Horror A Place Called Hate Mark Steensland
Thriller/ Horror Brother Tyler Dowey
Thriller/ Horror City of Roses Steve Walter
Thriller/ Horror Dead Week Mark Saenz
Thriller/ Horror Don't Tell A Soul DG Stone
Thriller/ Horror Family Remains Bill Johnston
Thriller/ Horror In Chrysalis Nelson Downend
Thriller/ Horror The Ripper and the Thief Shane Brown
Thriller/ Horror Thinning The Herd Brian Devaney
Thriller/ Horror Trapped James Hancock
1 Hr TV Pilot Divine St. Nickolas Richey
1 Hr TV Pilot Horseman Terry Erickson
1 Hr TV Pilot Janus Pearse Lehane
1 Hr TV Pilot Mahogany Hall Ashley Charbonnet
1 Hr TV Pilot Pendragon Chris Wu
1 Hr TV Pilot Racket Adam Sleper
1 Hr TV Pilot Shanghai'd Curtis Burdick
1 Hr TV Pilot String Michael Aloyan
1 Hr TV Pilot Two Emperors Paul Gross
1 Hr TV Pilot White People Problems Sean Corrigan
1/2 Hr TV Pilot Bloodworth Jonathan Katz
1/2 Hr TV Pilot Cowboys and Indians Lewis Goldstein
1/2 Hr TV Pilot Delivered Scott Reynolds
1/2 Hr TV Pilot Layover Adam Toltzis
1/2 Hr TV Pilot Only Ugly On The Inside Theresa Drew
1/2 Hr TV Pilot Petz Ahoy Devin Comiskey
1/2 Hr TV Pilot Self Help Julie Livingston
1/2 Hr TV Pilot Tapes: Friendship Station Will Zech
1/2 Hr TV Pilot The Alchemists Amanda Keener
1/2 Hr TV Pilot The Main Eventers Andrew Tu
TV Writing Sample Bates Motel: Inside You, Inside Me Meagan Daine
TV Writing Sample Brooklyn Nine NineL Yelp Me Katherine Dolheguy
TV Writing Sample Family Guy: Chris' Anatomy Anna Carloina dos Santos Israel
TV Writing Sample House of Cards: First Lady Luck Efraim Knight
TV Writing Sample Motive: Dirty Days DLC Heslop
TV Writing Sample The Americans: Revolution and Resolution Addison Bhuyan
TV Writing Sample The Big Bang Theory: The Pointer Mystification Hamilton Mitchell
TV Writing Sample The Good Wife: On Her Terms Kathy Petrakis
TV Writing Sample The Mindy Project: Doing It All Arielle Contreras
TV Writing Sample Veep: Presidential Asylum Kezia Brett
Short Script Confession Adam Slutsky
Short Script Dead Sprint Jason Tostevin
Short Script Fetch Sam Gill
Short Script Going Home Nir Shelter
Short Script The Final Approach Heather Ostrove
Short Script The Gazebo Richard Willett
Short Script The Giver of Secrets Kris Theorin
Short Script The Old Man and the C Sharp Alex Gardels
Short Script The Table Top Dancer Addison Bhuyan
Short Script The Weeping Willow Aminah Galal