2015-16 Screenplay Competition & Spotlight Award Winners


"City In The Sun" by Nadeem Rajwani



WINNER City In The Sun by Nadeem Rajwani
Honorable Mention Really Weeley by Toby Roberts
Honorable Mention The Courage Inside by Melissa Emery

Family Film/Animated

WINNER Lemon Made by Erik Adolphson
Honorable Mention Hattie by Ian Charles Slater
Honorable Mention Out Flying Past My Bedtime by Linda Falcao


WINNER Crossed Currents by Frederick Kim
Honorable Mention Syvertsen’s Complex by Marni Sullivan
Honorable Mention Bride of Frankie by Devi Snively


WINNER The Ripper and the Thief by Shane Brown
Honorable Mention Family Remains by Bill Johnston
Honorable Mention In Chrysalis by Nelson Downend


WINNER Manly Guys Club by David Vendrell
Honorable Mention Wetwork by Robert Bielak
Honorable Mention The Locksmith: A Past Fate by Jeffrey Morales


WINNER Life To Life by Terri Sissman
Honorable Mention Eddie Vic by Kathleen Douglass
Honorable Mention Double Christmas by Mike Korpi

Short Script

WINNER Table Top Dancer by Addison Bhuyan
Honorable Mention Going Home by Nir Shelter
Honorable Mention The Old Man and the C Sharp by Alex Gardels

1 Hr TV Pilot

WINNER Janus by Pearse Lehane
Honorable Mention Divine St. by Nick Richey
Honorable Mention Horseman by Terry Erickson

1/2 Hr TV Pilot

WINNER Tapes: Friendship Station by Will Zech & Alex Cope
Honorable Mention Layover by Adam Toltzis
Honorable Mention Self Help by Julie Livingston

TV Writing Sample

WINNER Motive: Dirty Days by DLC Heslop
Honorable Mention Bates Motel: Inside You, Inside Me by Meagan Daine
Honorable Mention Brooklyn Nine Nine: Yelp Me by Katherine Dolheguy

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spotlight awards

HUMANITARIAN AWARD This is Africa by Hayley Easton-Street
CULTURE & HERITAGE AWARD City In The Sun by Nadeem Rajwani
COURAGE & FORTITUDE AWARD Bride of Frankie by Devi Snively
BEST ROLE FOR A MALE LEAD The Unheard Flute by Paul Gross
BEST ROLE FOR A FEMALE LEAD Unsexed by Glenn Mitchell
BEST DIALOGUE Crossed Currents by Frederick Kim
BEST ENSEMBLE CAST City In The Sun by Nadeem Rajwani
BEST FIRST TEN PAGES Wetwork by Robert Bielak
BEST FOREIGN SCRIPT City In The Sun by Nadeem Rajwani

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